JFHQ was approved by the Public Service Department (JPA) on 16 July 2007. With such approval JFHQ was established officially. JFHQ was created to handle all operations which form joint involving two or more services in the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF). The Assigned Forces concept emphasizes the support by each service to all operational and training by Joint Force Headquarters by placing components and combat service support under the command and control of Joint Force Commander. While the task of raising, training and maintaining remains under the responsibility of each service. Generally, troop and asset services will be assigned by rotational system enshrined in the respective services. So far for in country operations, JFHQ is responsible for the execution of Operation PASIR & Operation DARATAN only. The operation involves a combination of troops and assets from all three branches of service. Furthermore, JFHQ is also responsible for planning, coordinating and controlling all operations and joint exercises, integrated and combinations of two or more in service. It also serves to align the needs of MAF involvement in operations and United Nations missions.


To Become a Credible Joint Force Command


Effectively Implement Joint Operations


Operational Excellence

Professional and Competent Work Force

Excellence Work Culture

Lead Agency For Joint Operations


As an Operational Level Command responsible for Planning and Implementing all Joint, Potentially Joint, Combined, Integrated and Multi National Operations such as operating under the United Nations Charter.