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PORT DICKSON, October 29, 2018 - The closing ceremony of EX AMAN YOUYI 2018 was officiated by Dato' Syed Zahiruddin Putra bin Syed Osman, Joint Force Commander, representing the Chief of Armed Forces at the Sebatang Karah Auditorium, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan. EX AMAN YOUYI 2018 begins from 22 to 29 October 2108 is a bi-annual multilateral joint venture involving the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) with People's Liberation Army (PLA) and Royal Thai Armed Forces (RTARF).
This exercise is carried out around Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan while the maritime segment around the waters of Port Klang and the Straits of Malacca. This exercise is seen to achieve the expected objectives by looking at the results of the implementation of STAFFEX, Lane Training and Maritime Exercise. Among the objective of this exercise is to enhance interoperability and understanding of military operations operating procedures between 3 countries. It is also seen to enhance the sharing of experience and knowledge between participants in the Peace Keeping Operation (PKO) & Peace Enforcement Operation (PEO) among the country's armed forces.
Overall, this exercise successfully trained the military forces involved in the effort to strengthen cooperation, mutual agreement and deal with regional security issues. A total of 1,339 members and officials are involved in this exercise. MAF deliver 585 members including 2 Navy ships (KD LEKIU & KD KASTURI + SUPER LYNX helicopter), PLA involves 693 members including 2 PLA-Navy ships (a Destroyer - CNS WUHAN & a Frigate - CNS YUN CHENG with 2 helicopters Z9) while no asset involvement from RTARF involves only 54 members. Also present at the closing ceremony of the EX AMAN YOUYI 2018 was Major General Li Wieya PLA Director of Campaign Training Bureau of Cental Military Commission (CMC) representing China while Major General SuthonHmuanpitak Director of Joint Operation & Combined Exercise Planning Office Directorate of Joint Operations RTARF Headquarters represents Thailand as well as representatives of MAF Service Chief.

Excercise formerly known as EXERCISE PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP in 2014 and 2015 are bilateral Malaysian and Chinese exercises. In 2016, RTARF participated in the training as an observer and the exercise was Ex AMAN YOUYI. At this year's RTARF participated for the first time as a participant. With the participation of Thailand as a participating country it has changed bilateral status to multilateral. Staff Exercise (STAFFEX) for this exercise describes Peacekeeping Operation (PKO) and Peace Enforcement Operation (PEO) as the main theme of exercise. The Lane / Cross Training Exercises that are included in the Exercises are like Combat Detection, Sniper and small arms training, Martial Arts, survival and close combat. The MAF is well-known for its expertise in warfare in sharing knowledge with Thai and Chinese participants. PLA and RTARF share knowledge in the VIP close escorts / procedures / methods and ransom rescue demonstrations. PLA-Navy and the Royal Malaysian Navy are also involved in several ship-to-ship exercises in the maritime exercise-MAREX. In addition, sporting events and cultural events were also held as part of the event to foster ties between participants.